sfpc day 4: ROBOSAMO©

enjoy ROBOSAMO© here

after some amount of tinkering i've combined a number of the examples we have seen into an almost completely pirated but original piece ROBOSAMO©. i have been minorly obscessed with jean-michel basquiat after watching the documentary "the radiant child" which i highly recommend. i liked it so much i watched it three times. there is a lot to learn from basquiat's experience.

for this exercise i started with henry flynt's document "viewing samo" which catalogs much of the original SAMO© graffiti from basquiat and al diaz. i broke apart the prefixes, suffixes, and "random" elements from the graffiti. i then used nick montfort's "lede" as an example to combine them using javascript. i then used todd anderson's javascript typing example to stylize the presentation and voila ROBOSAMO© is born.

there's still some polish to do, but the heart of it is there, and i'm surprisingly happy with it. for something with such a simple technial basis it really stands out among things i've previously created. and that is turning out to be one of my big learnings from sfpc. it's not about being the most technical, or having a unique technical edge, as much as trying to communicate something using the best combination of tools you have.