Josh Michaels is a multi-media artist, programmer, and curator. His primary focus is on exploring, understanding, and explaining the impact of technology on society specifically in relation to time. He creates and distributes artwork as "joshjet" and produces products and commercial work as "Jetson Creative." Josh is deeply passionate about new models for art distribution and is constantly experimenting with new ways to share and distribute artwork.

Artwork is available for purchase through UPFOR Gallery.
For commercial work, apps, and software see Jetson Creative.
For all other matters you can e-mail Josh here.

Active locations: New York, San Francisco, Portland, Los Angeles
Previous locations: Seattle, Paris, Tallinn, Amsterdam, Urbana

Current Passions

  • Creating electronic artwork utilizing new and untested technologies
  • Finding, curating, and sharing electronic artwork including organizing group art shows
  • Organizing art hack days and other experimental events that bring together artists and engineers
  • Exploring, experimenting with, and inventing new ways to distribute electronic artwork
  • Creating the most beautiful desktop wallpaper for Macintosh computers
  • Presenting and teaching on a wide range of topics with a focus on lifestyle engineering


Josh is currently in Portland. Items from the 24 Hour Empire show remain on sale through UPFOR Gallery.


6/4/18 - New York, NY - NYU ITP - Roll Your Own MFA

6/11/18 - New York, NY - NYU ITP - Roll Your Own Studio

6/15/18 - New York, NY - NYU ITP - Managing your Mental Environment

6/17/18 - New York, NY - NYU ITP - Machine Learning Without Computers (1)

6/26/18 - New York, NY - NYU ITP - Machine Learning Without Computers (2)



ArtHackDay::Echo Chamber - Organizer/Curator - Portland, OR - 3/24/2017-3/26/2017 - PNCA
24 Hour Empire - Solo Show - Portland, OR - 1/7/2016 through 1/16/2016 - Upfor Gallery
Électronique Souterrains 1.0 - Paris, France - Ongoing - All SNCF stations with large displays in La Defense and Franklin
No Vacancy - Curator - Portland, OR - 11/28/2015 - Service
1010 Art Show @ XOXO - Organizer/Curator - Portland, OR - 9/11/2015 - Instrument (419 NE 10th)
Electric Storefronts 1.0 - Organizer/Curator - Portland, OR - 8/15/2015 through 9/1/2015 - SE 12th and SE Division (Ford District)
SFPC Student Show - Participating Artist - New York, NY - 8/8/2015 - Babycastles